2011 FPGA for Image Processing Course

The IV Course on Design and Implementation of FPGA devices for image processing was held at the IEDCYT (CSIC), Joaquin Costa 22, Madrid Spain from 17-20 October 2011 with participants from the academia and industry. The second course on FPGA design to be held on 14-17 November 2011 has been cancelled.

In Memoriam

In Memoriam, Steve Jobs (1955-2011)

Madrid-MIT M+Vision Fall Open House

The first Madrid-MIT M+Vision Consortium Fall Open House will be held in Boston (USA), 12-13 October 2011. Attendance is free. The Open House will offer a broad sampling of state-of-the-art in image science in Boston, and great opportunities to meet with the M+Vision Faculty Members and M+Vision fellows. G. Cristóbal will make a presentation entitled “Advanced imaging microscopy for neurodegenerative disease” by G. Cristobal and Jose A. Rodrigo. This presentation is related with the new JRP-h02 proposal on “Advanced cell imaging for neurodegenerative disease” submitted to EMRP. Parthers of the project are: NPL (UK), PTB (Germany), NILU (Norway) and CSIC (Spain). Preferred staring date for the project June 1st 2012.