EURASIP Local Liaison Programme

EURASIP’s main goal with the local liaison programme is to coordinate and stimulate local activities, such as seminar days and short courses. EURASIP mainly envisages `ambitious' activities, for a fairly large audience (minimum 50) with a formal registration and registration fees. The actual format of these activities is intentionally left largely undefined. A possible format for a seminar day could be to have one main invited speaker, providing one or two lectures, together with a number of (shorter) lectures provided by local speakers. This has proved to be a successful format, but is merely given as an example here.

EURASIP will provide funding for such activities, so that the organizers do not incur large financial risk. Altogether, EURASIP envisages 20 to 30 funded activities per year, with a funding of maximum 1000 to 1500 EURO per activity. To seek operational and financial support for a planned activity, an application form (see encl.) is to be submitted to the EURASIP Local Activities Coordinator (Prof. Ana Perez-Neira). The EURASIP AdCom is to provide a decision on the application within one month from the submission of the application.
For more details see: ‘Local Liaison Programme’
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G. Cristóbal has been nominated EURASIP spanish liaison for the period 2009-2010.